Men’s Rugby Tournament

The Rugby League World Cup is the most popular event for rugby league fans. Since 1954, this tournament has assembled the finest teams on the planet and every year delivers more entertainment, explosive play on the pitch and legendary confrontations.

The brainchild of the French Rugby League Federation in the 1930s, the first edition of the Rugby League World Cup was held in France in 1954. Returning to France for the fourth time, the tournament will bring together the world’s best rugby league teams to contest the championship title. 

This 17th edition of the World Cup already promises to be memorable as International Rugby League Chair Troy Grant says:


“The RLWC2025 qualifying process will be the most keenly contested in the game’s history and highlights the enormous growth and opportunities for international rugby league.”


There are 16 places for the men’s teams in France2025. Eight will be automatically allocated to the 8 quarter-finalists of RLWC21. 

Here are the 16 nations participating in the Rugby League World Cup 2021: Australia, Cook Islands, England, Fiji, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Lebanon, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Scotland, Tonga, Wales. 

As the host country of the 2025 World Cup, France automatically qualifies for the tournament. 

The 8 other places will be contested in four regional qualifiers. 

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