Wheelchair Rugby Tournament 

Wheelchair rugby league is one of the most inclusive sports played. That’s because everyone can take part: men and women, players with a disability or not. The fifth edition of the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup, France 2025 will unite the best teams in the discipline, bringing incredible showmanship, explosive action and incomparable movement to the pitch. 

Although there has already been three international wheelchair rugby league competitions in the World Cup, and a fourth competition this year as part of the Rugby League World Cup 2021, France2025 will introduce a brand new format. For the first time in history, the Wheelchair competition will be contested by 16 teams, to be selected in late 2024. As the World Cup host, France automatically qualifies for the tournament. 


“The number of nations wanting to participate in the Wheelchair World Cup is exciting and encouraging.”

Troy Grant, International Rugby League Chair

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