Youth Rugby Tournament

For the first time in the sport’s history, the Youth (U19) teams will be competing for their own World Cup simultaneously alongside the other three competitions. The U19 competition will be crucial for passing on the values, passion and dynamism of rugby league to the younger generations.

Keen to promote social and environmental responsibility, this World Cup will be an opportunity to give this athletically engaged generation a platform and build with them an international competition model with the most positive impact we can possibly achieve. It will also be chance to promote sport among young people by demonstrating the benefits of regular physical exercise. Last but not least, this World Cup will encourage our young people to demonstrate their talent, strength and explosive action before a huge international audience! 


“The Youth World Cup presents an opportunity for nations to identify and harness emerging talent who may go on to form the nucleus of their senior international teams in future years and it is great to hear that some nations are beginning preparations in this area.”

Troy Grant, President of the International Rugby League


Just like the Wheelchair, Women’s and Men’s competitions, the Youth competition will be contested by 16 national teams. Further details on the qualification process will be issued in 2023. As the World Cup host, France directly qualifies for the tournament. 

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